My story…

My Story

I am a former childcare provider who has now become an artisan soap creator. I am passionate about designing eco-friendly, pure, and natural soap and shampoo bars that enhance your personal skincare routine. My goal is for you to absolutely love the experience of using my all-natural products.

The Beginning

Before I established Wyllow’s Pure Body Essentials, I struggled with skincare products that caused itchiness and headaches. My journey towards a chemical-free environment started with my first childcare business, GreenTree PlayHouse. During that time, I utilized the natural products available and even created my own versions for the children in my care. I took pride in being the only in-home childcare facility catering to children with food and environmental allergies. While living in Ontario, I discovered local sources for handmade soaps, and I purchased my other skincare needs from a natural foods store.

My Struggle

When I moved to rural Nova Scotia, I left my childcare business behind. Little did I know that finding natural products would be a challenge in this area. Nevertheless, I persisted and eventually found a local soap maker who produced a product I could use. I continued working solely in the childcare field for two years, but as my soap maker became increasingly difficult to connect with, I experienced inconsistent availability of suitable soap options.

Taking a Leap

After two years of struggling to find the soap I needed, I decided to enter the market business with my then partner, a photographer. We chose the joint name ‘Widdershins Crafts,’ which adequately represented both our businesses at the time. As I created my soaps using the traditional methods passed down by my grandmother, I often found myself explaining the meaning of “widdershins” (referring to anticlockwise or going back).

Eventually, the partnership dissolved, and I found myself navigating both single parenthood and running a business on my own. This journey began amidst a battle with cancer, which made working in my business extremely challenging. I am incredibly grateful to the numerous people who supported me, my children, and my business during that difficult time.

Upon regaining my health, I embarked on the process of rebranding Widdershins into Wyllow’s Pure. I transformed my soap line into a combination of soap and shampoo products, and I began operating as a solo entrepreneur with assistance from my friends and children.


Currently, I am embarking on new adventures. I am collaborating with a local women’s business group, connecting with like-minded individuals online, and sharing more about my journey as I merge Wyllow’s Pure with a mentoring program. I find great joy in helping and serving people, whether it’s through my natural skincare products or by working together on emotional regulation through Deeply Seen. I look forward to assisting YOU in creating the best self-care routine

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Wyllow is a lovely lady and makes wonderful soap.

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