Natural and gentle handmade soaps and body care for your very sensitive skin.

~ pure  ~  safe  ~  ecologically-friendly ~

Many people struggle with dry or sensitive skin. Using Wyllow’s Pure natural, handmade shampoo & soap bars will help to soften and heal your skin, giving you softer hands, scalp and body.

We create our very own handmade Soap & Shampoo Bars, Body Butter, Room & Body Spray.
You will also find combination packages in “Gift Boxes”

Ask about our custom labels, perfect for weddings, christenings, and one of a kind gifts.

A few nice words…

Wyllow’s Pure soaps lather really well and last a very long time. The scents are pleasant but not overwhelming. I will make a special trip to market just to buy them. The lightly scented shampoo bars are a great alternative to the heavily perfumed commercial brands.

Martin McGurk

Sledding Hill

I love Wyllow’s Pure vegan, herbal soaps. The owner/creator only uses herbs, spices and aromatherapy oils in her products to naturally scent and colour the soaps, so I know that my family and I are not only getting the healing benefit’s from the oils & herbs for our skin but we don’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals.
My family loves using the lip balm & body lotion bars, where a little goes a long way!
And I personally can’t wait to try her Vegan lip balm and lotion bars that she is currently creating for vegan loving girls like me. Great products, Great value for money!
F. MacDougall

For the past few months, I have been using soap made by Wyllow’s Pure. As a male I am not normally interested in “soaps”. However this, which I first bought for my wife, has become the only soap I will use. I like it. It is creamy, soft and has helped my skin which had been blistering as a result of medication that I had to take for many months. It helped my skin to heal when all others dried or burned it.

L.R. Corneal

Hampton, NS

Highly Recommended by Locals On Alignable